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On being a photographer

I read something that resonated with me recently and I wanted to both share it with anyone that would like to read it, as well as discuss my thoughts on why these couple of paragraphs weighed on my mind for a while. I think that this process of writing some text might help me take the words apart and analyse them for myself, so here we go. This is the short statement that I found on a site that I have been spending a lot of time on recently. I have stated already that an addiction to Japanese photo books is on the way, the site sells a lot of great titles. But this statement was on their main section: "To me, the recent use of the term street photographer is similar to calling oneself artist or art photographer with an intention to add artificial value. I don’t think any respectable practitioner worth their salt would proclaim themselves with this title in this day and age. Nonetheless it appears that it is often banded around, especially on the social interwebs, with an intention to gain credibility or cool the same way teenagers would display branded clothes or gear to gain attention from peers or lowly outsiders.

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My plans for 2014

I have already posted about the fact that I am going to spend 2014 with one lens and one camera, but I thought that I would also make some public outlandish statements that I will hopefully hold myself to for the upcoming 12 months. Some of these will be photography related, others will not. Dont expect this to be a massively read blog post. Its more one of those things that I am putting out there for myself more than anything. So here we go....

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Finding the Balance (part....)

So I have discussed balance in life in a previou posts. See these links, as its starting to become a bit of a hot topic for me (here)…

You might gather from the fact that I haven’t posted for some months that this balance has shifted a little again. It intrigues me how we go through life shifting and negotiating with ourselves, and often our loved ones, and even our employers as well, about what at that moment in time is more important than other things.

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Restoration of the Balance

So I have written in the past about the requirement for balance in ones life to find enjoyment from everything that you do. When balance starts to slip its a painful process for me, where I spend time doing a lot of one thing, and become divided about what I am doing because I want to be spending time doing something different. Essentially I need to do a variety of things in order to do any one of them well.

Unfortunately I have this issue with some of the tthings that I take on being rather large, and therefore they tend to take up more time that what was originally planned, and balance becomes compromised... One of these things that I recently decided to do was run a 100km ultra Marathon.

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