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Trent Parke - The Christmas Tree Bucket

There are a great number of photographers that I admire of course. There are few that I idolise just a little. Parke is one of these, so writing about his work is a little intimidating. Of course he is loved by many in a way that is likely genre neutral, but its not the way others feel about his work that makes penning something about his books difficult for me, its my personal feelings. 

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I havent posted for like... Forever. I was jarred into gear the other day when I had an issue with my web host shutting down their servers. Freaked me out. Thought I had lost everything... Its amazing when I think about the amount of time and effort that has gone into this short little blog here and thats exactly what I thought about as soon as it looked like it was gone. It was like losing a thesis, and it wouldnt have been something that I would have been able to replace.

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Michael Ackerman - Half Life

I was lucky enough to get my copy of Half Life by Michael Ackerman a few months back. A good friend let me know about the book and the fact there were a small number of them available from VU. He said that I had to buy it, simple as that... It was sound advice and shows how much this friend knows my style of photography. I have contemplated the book for these few months and each time I pick it up I find some new reason to love it more and more.

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John Goldsmith - Drop Out of Art School

Some of you may not know John Goldsmith, but if you dont then you should look him up. He can be found here.

John is also in some great company as a founding member of collective.

But were here for a book right...

Drop Out of Art School was a shock to the system for me, and I will elaborate a little on why. I think it was due to the fact that I had this preconceived idea of the sort of images John would put in a book. This wasnt it. And to be honest, I recon John is smiling about that fact as he reads this.

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Daido Moriyama - Journey for Something

I have had this one listed as a place holder for sometime now. Its daunting to even think about writing about the book for a few reasons. 1. Its a massive collection of some of the most famous works from Daido Moriyama. Such a prolific worker, so such a large volume.

2. I idolise his work in many ways, so I am a little hesitant to write about what I think is the most complete collection of his finest photos.

3. I take photos of some of the images in the books that I review, and honestly... as I cant show you every page I feel like this review will be a little unfinished. The book should be enjoyed in its entirety.

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Self publishing as an extension of film photography

Some may know I have recently published a small zine from a series of images from a trip to Tokyo. Truth be told its a process that I almost fell into in some ways. I had no intention of publishing a series of images before leaving, but the end to end process of shooting, processing, and printing didnt seem complete when I had finished the work.

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