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Self publishing as an extension of film photography

Some may know I have recently published a small zine from a series of images from a trip to Tokyo. Truth be told its a process that I almost fell into in some ways. I had no intention of publishing a series of images before leaving, but the end to end process of shooting, processing, and printing didnt seem complete when I had finished the work.

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Øbservations - Chris Leskovsek

I have recently been going through the process of designing my own zine from the images that I shot while in Japan with the intent to print a limited run of maybe 50 copies. Part of this process has involved picking the brains of a few guys that I have been following for a while online. Guys who have had some experience in the publishing side of things as far as these little self published photo zines go. I think the self publishing of small print run photo publications in this day and age of the internet and social media is a special thing, and I would like to try and feature the work of some of the artists here. One such guy is Chris Leskovsek. A Chilean living in Aukland. He has been kind enough to spend some time answering some questions about his work and his great little zine series, Øbservations. Below is the teaser video of issue number 1. I am posting issue number 1 as the video for the post for two reasons. First, its number 1. Second, its the one I am missing so I like to look at it this way as I dont have a hard copy and Chris doesnt have any copies left.

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Boogie - Its All Good

It's all good by Boogie has to be one of the greatest photo books published if you are into documentary style street photography. I didn't know a lot about Boogie until I watched Everybody Street. But once I knew just a little I was hooked. I have said way too many times things like it's my favourite book, or their my favourite artist. I won't say it again here, but in all seriousness, if you are into street and you don't know who Boogie is then you should fix that. There is a really good bio about Boogie in Everybody Street. It talks about his upbringing in Belgrade. It would have been an extremely difficult time to grow up in such a place. I think this started to shape the type of work that he is known for, It's not what you would call light hearted or fun, let's just leave it at that for a moment.

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Jesse Marlow Interview

All images in this post are ©Jesse Marlow. Jesse Marlow is a Melbourne based street photographer who is a member of In-Public. I recently had the chance to do his workshop that I highly recommend to anyone based in Melbourne. I also had the chance to ask Jesse a few questions about the way he works for his street work. It was a really fun process and I hope you enjoy the read.

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Edinburgh - UPSP Collaboration

Back again with the next collaboration that I have been involved in from Urban Picnic. This time we have two brothers from Scotland by the names of Gareth and Gavin Bragdon. If you would like to see some more of their work, along with some other work from guys in Scotland, then they have set up a collective of guys all based in Scotland called Grey Skies. I would encourage a look... As usual with these things its been great working with the two guys. Here in Australia I think we would refer to the two brothers as Larrikins... I will let you look it up... They like to use a wee bit of language, and I think should I meet them in a pub for a pint we would have a great night out.

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