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Edinburgh - UPSP Collaboration


Back again with the next collaboration that I have been involved in from Urban Picnic. This time we have two brothers from Scotland by the names of Gareth and Gavin Bragdon. If you would like to see some more of their work, along with some other work from guys in Scotland, then they have set up a collective of guys all based in Scotland called Grey Skies. I would encourage a look... As usual with these things its been great working with the two guys. Here in Australia I think we would refer to the two brothers as Larrikins... I will let you look it up... They like to use a wee bit of language, and I think should I meet them in a pub for a pint we would have a great night out.


I have chosen my two selections from the images submitted by the boys. The image above is from Gavin. I dont know if its the kilt that makes me have the Scottish feeling, but for me this is the pick of the bunch from him. The two guys have similar styles in some ways. Shooting black and white, and using flash. Its sort of a logical choice with the weather that they would get, and hence the name of the collective.

The surreal nature of the image, and the lack of a face for the subject is a really strong use of the contrast and shadows provided when using the flash at night. Great image, and one that I have come back to look at quite a bit.


I think if I had my choice of all the images for Gareth I would have chose the header. The image of the dog just has something that is so simple in its nature. "A new voice for Scotland" says it all really... In saying that, Gareths work is really strong and I really like his high contrast black and white images a lot. The image that I chose of the mustached lady is a gem as well. The expression of surprise on the face is gold. Topped off by the magnifying glass in the hand. She is hunting for something, but she got caught good and proper!

As always, this is just a teaser for whats available over on the full post. So as I am sure youre dying to see the whole kilt and caboodle I wont keep you any longer...