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Self publishing as an extension of film photography

Some may know I have recently published a small zine from a series of images from a trip to Tokyo. Truth be told its a process that I almost fell into in some ways. I had no intention of publishing a series of images before leaving, but the end to end process of shooting, processing, and printing didnt seem complete when I had finished the work.

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Creativity and the pursuit of happiness

Creativity is an interesting topic, and its one that I think deserves some thought from those of us that think we belong to the small group of people on this planet that would consider themselves to be creative souls. This post has been something that has been brewing for a while I think. This is the case with a lot of the random rambles that I tend to pen. The ones that are more from me and for me, and anyone who wants to read them is just a bystander.

The funny thing is that the catalyst for me actually setting up the placeholder in my pending posts lists and starting to write some content was actually a management development program that I am doing at work at the moment. Far, far, far from creative right? Yes... Right...

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Jesse Marlow Interview

All images in this post are ©Jesse Marlow. Jesse Marlow is a Melbourne based street photographer who is a member of In-Public. I recently had the chance to do his workshop that I highly recommend to anyone based in Melbourne. I also had the chance to ask Jesse a few questions about the way he works for his street work. It was a really fun process and I hope you enjoy the read.

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Composition vs Content

I have been thinking a lot lately about compositional challenges for myself as an artist. This has been in a large part driven by the fascination that I have with some of the work by Sigfried Hansen. Its also something that I have been developing in some conversations that I have been having with a friend that I recently met in Melbourne who is also a photographer. Its amazing what you are able to learn just through the process of sitting with a like minded person and having a conversation about things like this. I guess the first point for me in entering into this discussion is to outline what composition is, and how for me its very separate from content in many ways. In simple terms the word composition means 'putting together'. In this simple description there is a rabbit hole of information that can be unearthed, The thing with composition and any visual art form is that there is not only the 'putting together' of elements within the image. It snot just about these magical things that occur within a frame to make an image.

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