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Self publishing as an extension of film photography

Some may know I have recently published a small zine from a series of images from a trip to Tokyo. Truth be told its a process that I almost fell into in some ways. I had no intention of publishing a series of images before leaving, but the end to end process of shooting, processing, and printing didnt seem complete when I had finished the work.

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The search for a bag

Its been a while since I posted something. I dont know why thats the case... Maybe I just havent felt the need to share for a while. This is likely the case on a few fronts. The second being images. The interwebs are a weird and wonderful place at times. Sometimes giving and wonderful, and other times overbearing and weird. There is just too much information out there at times, and it all gets a little too overwhelming when you are trying to find inspiration, or in the case of what prompted this post, simply trying to buy a bag..

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My plans for 2014

I have already posted about the fact that I am going to spend 2014 with one lens and one camera, but I thought that I would also make some public outlandish statements that I will hopefully hold myself to for the upcoming 12 months. Some of these will be photography related, others will not. Dont expect this to be a massively read blog post. Its more one of those things that I am putting out there for myself more than anything. So here we go....

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One Camera and lens for 2014: My thoughts

The other day I posted on  Facebook that I was thinking of going to one camera and one lens for 2014. It was interesting as I got a few replies from people saying that they were thinking of doing the same thing, or had done in the past. I knew it was a popular learning tool, but it was just intriguing for me that as we come to the close of a year, people are having similar thoughts to me for a photo related new years resolution. I thought this would be a good time to post something outlining my thoughts on what it is that I am hoping to get from this, and maybe some assumptions about what I think may drive others to pursue such a project. I dont know if project is the right term for this decision for me. I dont think that my decision to use only one camera and lens for 12 months has anything to do with the subject matter of the images that I will be making, but this may be a statement that I come to be totally off base with this time next year.

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The grain of my existence

This is going to be a really quick post about something that literally just crossed my mind. Its all about the grain. Its a little about the digital vs film debate for me. And its a lot about the fact that I just sat at my desk, had a fleeting thought, and decided that I felt like writing about it. Grain is such an interesting thing, and to be honest, the two images that I am going to use to make this point do so in a manner than is just a little oxymoronic (is that even a word?). The reason for the last statement is that I am going to give a bit of a shout out to film grain, and how nice I think that it looks in images at the moment, but I am going to use two recent images that are both scans from negatives. There is probably a post in there somewhere about the whole digitising film thing and what that gives us as far as a hybrid film/digital image goes. Would love to hear peoples thoughts on that actually... Comment away.

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What is a camera?

We all fall prey of the camera and the strange yet powerful hold that it has on us. Whats this about? Its a lust, its one of the sins in the history of many religions... Dont get me wrong, Im not religious. I just know from experience that this is what drives the obsession with the camera. Its also what drives modern society to want better cars, bigger houses, better whats its, and so on. If its not lust then its greed, I dont know if one is better than the other, but I am going to say lust... I know this as its something that I need to fight to control myself as well. The answer to the question is quite simple really. The camera is a tool. The camera is the same sort of tool as a painters brush, a sculptors clay, and a woodworkers saws. It is however one that has been much abused by society, and has hence lost some of its bygone allure and mystery.

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Digging out of creative ruts through writing

I have been in a bit of an artistic rut lately. I dont know the pin point reason for this, and I guess I dont even know if there is a single reason, or if there are few things that have come together to result in the lull in productivity. Since I started to get back into making images with a camera about 12 months ago now, I havent had this happen yet, so its causing me a little stress. When I remove myself from the situation and sit back and try to be objective about the scenario I am not overly concerned. I know deep down that I will come back again. But its sometimes hard to be removed and objective, so I thought that I would write about it in the hope that maybe penning these thoughts would act as the conduit that I needed to return to some form of productivity.

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