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The search for a bag


Its been a while since I posted something. I dont know why thats the case... Maybe I just havent felt the need to share for a while. This is likely the case on a few fronts. The second being images. The interwebs are a weird and wonderful place at times. Sometimes giving and wonderful, and other times overbearing and weird. There is just too much information out there at times, and it all gets a little too overwhelming when you are trying to find inspiration, or in the case of what prompted this post, simply trying to buy a bag..

Simple thing that I am trying to do at the moment is to find a small bag to carry film in when I am out shooting. Doesnt sound like a difficult thing right... Try searching for this sort of stuff on google. All you get are the usual hits from the usual people reviewing stuff for street photography and the like...  I didnt even put street photography in the search, but there they are, street photo sites dominating the results. I realise that google is a little intuitive and I have likely caused some of this myself as well due to the history I have created on the hit. But this to me is an issue as well. I end up returning results from a small corner of the web that is visited by a few hundred thousand (or maybe million, I dont know) other 'like' minded people... When did all this get so out of control?

Serious question...

Street Photography, photography in general actually, is being blown out of proportion on the net, and I for one know that there are times when I need to remove myself from the hype and go offline for a bit.


I am now studying a online course and am really enjoying the small group of others that are doing the course from around the world. I have even met some real people. Face to face type meetings. Sounds so sad to get excited about that, but you know what? Since starting to get involved in my own small portion of this hype I have made a few very important virtual friendships. These people know who they are. There are a select few that I have found that really help me and keep me on track. But, face to face discussions about photography cant be substituted. Its sort of like the difference between looking at a classic image on the net on a screen, and seeing that same image on a high quality printed page.

I am starting to work on a lengthy project, and this is likely going to mean that I am going to further reduce the sharing of images online. By all means I will use those few to help edit down the images for whatever I end up doing with the final results, but there is no point in my mind in sharing single images that will later form a part of a larger set.

This left me thinking a little about what I would do with this site. These little posts do help keep me just a step further away from slightly stir pot crazy at time, so I dont think that it will go anywhere. I think that I will start to review some of the many photo books that I have been collecting. Might even write a post about the small bag that I ended up buying, who knows, maybe that will help someone avoid my fate in the future... Randomness is on its way, but thats nothing new for me either.


So I will leave this one here... Nice and short. If anyone follows me on Facebook and has a request for the first book review then please drop me a line!