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Photo Books up for Review


I mentioned in a previous post that I was planning on reviewing some of the books that I have recently purchased. I thought that I would put the question out to the masses (dont know if this is the right word for my blog, but we get the point right....) and see if there were any preferences on what people would like to hear about, that way I can put some stuff out there that people might want to read. All of these are special to me in their own way, so I would find it hard to chose a place to start. Some of the books are a direct influence on the type of work that I aspire to, others are just plain interesting. I am sure that there are some on the list that people will already know, and there are likely some that are just a little more out of left field that some may not have seen before. If anyone has some more obscure titles that they would like to share with me (preferably that dont mean that I am tempted to take out a sizable loan to buy them) then I would love to hear about them! You can contact me on the social links on the sidebar!


Mono - Various Artists

Veins - Anders Petersen and Jacob Aue Sobol

The World Through my Eyes - Daido Moriyama

Journey for Something - Daido Moriyama

A Hunter - Daido Moriyama


Subway - Bruce Davidson

State of Mind - Nuno Moreira

Sidewalk - Jeff Mermelstein

70's - Rennie Ellis

Personal Best - Elliott Erwitt

Paris - Daido Moriyama & Nude?ARoom/Flowers - Sakiko Nomura

Ariphoto Vol 4 - Arimoto Shinya

Manhattan Out - Raymond Depardon

Lifes a Beach - Martin Parr

Human Negotiations - Katharina Hesse

Helen Levitt - Helen Levitt

Grimm Street - Mark Cohen

The Museum of Modern Art - Lee Friedlander

Earthlings - Richard Kalvar

Disco - Andrew Miksys

Coney Island - Harvey Stein

The Man The Image & The World - Henri Cartier Bresson

Self Life Death - Nobuyoshi Araki

The Camera & The Negative - Ansel Adams

America - Zoe Strauss