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Nuno Moreira - State of Mind

I am going to start this by making something perfectly clear... I am a little biased about this style of black and white photography. That gritty grainy feel to some of the images, the high contrast look in others. The tonal ranges are very pleasing to my eye.

Housekeeping first... The book is printed on really nice quality paper. It is presented in a glossy soft cover and the first edition was printed in 2013 in Japan, and is limited to just 500 copies. There is no page numbers so I am unsure how many images are in the book, but the image size on the page is great, with really high quality print quality finishing off the premium feel.

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Photo Books up for Review

I mentioned in a previous post that I was planning on reviewing some of the books that I have recently purchased. I thought that I would put the question out to the masses (dont know if this is the right word for my blog, but we get the point right....) and see if there were any preferences on what people would like to hear about, that way I can put some stuff out there that people might want to read. All of these are special to me in their own way, so I would find it hard to chose a place to start. Some of the books are a direct influence on the type of work that I aspire to, others are just plain interesting. I am sure that there are some on the list that people will already know, and there are likely some that are just a little more out of left field that some may not have seen before. If anyone has some more obscure titles that they would like to share with me (preferably that dont mean that I am tempted to take out a sizable loan to buy them) then I would love to hear about them! You can contact me on the social links on the sidebar!

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Micro 4/3 for Street Photography

Some know and some dont, but the main camera that I used for my work on the street when I was shooting digital was an Olympus OMD E-M5 micro four thirds body, with both the 50mm and 35mm equivalent voightlander manual focus lenses. This is the only camera used on all the shots on this site so far, until I get the film processing up and running properly, as in the scanner to scan the negs.

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