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Why you should let your images stew before processing and editing

This topic is something that I think a lot of people struggle with in the digital age. Even film shooters in the digital age have things just a little easier, and hence just a little quicker than our counterparts of the years gone by. Its not only photography as well, its everything. Its the mobile phone and everything that it gives you the instant you want it. Its the ease of online shopping and the fact that you can now buy things without even leaving your house! Its the speed of the world these days, and its something that people need to take care to control before it controls you.

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Real Photography - The whole process and why you should know how it works

I am very lucky in the fact that my Dad is a photography teacher, and this means that I still have access to a darkroom, and all the equipment that goes with it. Not only that, but as Dad has always taken photos, i was also very lucky to learn how to process my own black and white film, and print from an enlarger in a darkroom from a very young age.

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My Photographic Inspiration - Dad

Where do you draw your inspiration for your photography from? If you cant answer this question clearly, then youre in trouble I tell you. It might not be a simple answer to convey to others, granted, but it is an answer that you should be eager to provide to anyone who would ask such a personal question.

I am lucky. I have a very personal source of both inspiration and knowledge for my photographic journey. My Dad... He isnt the single source, and I dont think that any artists would ever claim to have only one influence in their work, but he is an important one.

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To Crop or not to Crop

Yesterday I took a photo that I am very happy with. It was a spur of the moment shot, shot from the hip and captured the image exactly as it was in my mind before firing the shutter. A girl was walking towards me in the street and at the time of the day the sun was casting a shadow that only illuminated the girls face, and with the right exposure setting and a little post production tweaking I was confident that the result would be spectacular.

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Micro 4/3 for Street Photography

Some know and some dont, but the main camera that I used for my work on the street when I was shooting digital was an Olympus OMD E-M5 micro four thirds body, with both the 50mm and 35mm equivalent voightlander manual focus lenses. This is the only camera used on all the shots on this site so far, until I get the film processing up and running properly, as in the scanner to scan the negs.

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