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Finding the Balance (part....)


The image above is In a Rush

So I have discussed balance in life in a previou posts. See these links, as its starting to become a bit of a hot topic for me (here)…

You might gather from the fact that I haven’t posted for some months that this balance has shifted a little again. It intrigues me how we go through life shifting and negotiating with ourselves, and often our loved ones, and even our employers as well, about what at that moment in time is more important than other things.

Some of these decisions are very conscious, and others are not. Some of these decisions happen so slowly over a period of time that you get to a certain point in time, realise you haven’t posted anything on your blog for a while, and start to assess what else has been slipping along with the one thing that you finally noticed was out of whack.

There are so many competing priorities in my life at the moment. I have my day job, its sort of a must… It pays the bills, and more importantly maybe, pays for the camera that I use for my hobby! I have recently been acting at a high level at work and have had some very long days. I then have a second job. I teach indoor cycling classes at a few gyms. These classes are not really needed financially, though don’t get me wrong, they help… But as a added bonus, I get paid to train (though maybe not as hard as I used to)… This leaves me a few other things that I have to consider…

The top of the list is my own photography. Street takes time, sometimes I would argue more time than studio work for the return on investment. I am learning to be a little creative at times to steal away the time that I do need for that aspect of my life. I take my camera with me on coffee breaks at work, and manage to snap some images then even.

So then we get down to the bottom of the barrel. Time writing blogs, editing collaborations for Urban Picnic, and finally admining Facebook pages. All these things I enjoy immensely, and they certainly help me develop and think more critically about my art form, but if they distract from all my time shooting then they sort of become redundant.

There is of course a need to mention the requirement (and can I say that requirement is the wrong word here, the desire is much better) to spend a little time cooking and cleaning at home, as well as some time with my beautiful and always accommodating wife as well… Without her I dont think that any of this would be possible.


Mel (my lovely wife)

I guess as I learn and grow (older all the time as well) I am figuring out that there is more than one way to perceive this blance, and its often more about this perception than the reality. And more to the point…

Happiness is key to all!