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Light Makes Me Happy!


So, I was driving to my second job as a SPIN instructor the other night (on a side note, I have noticed I start a lot of Blogs with the word "so"), I will give you a little context... I left my main job at about 4pm and it was pissing down rain... I ride a bike to work, and I only live about 2k from work, so I ride in normal clothes... Now when I say pissing down rain, Im talking thunder bolts and lightning, very very frightening... Oh my... I digress... So, we get the idea, there is lightning and thunder, Im wet through, and riding home... I have had a cracker day, so this little hurdle isnt getting to me one bit... I come home, get changed, jump in the car and drive to SPIN, its not far away... When I get in the car its still black and gloomy outside, and still belting down rain...

As I turn the corner at the end of my street, it continues to pour rain, but in the West its clearing and the sun comes through the clouds... And its like just after 4:30 in the afternoon at this point... When I say the sun came through the clouds, Im not talking just a few rays... Im talking the most beautiful light you have ever seen, no argument here, you werent there, I was, so ner ner ni ner ner...

Remember, I have had a great day, I have just got soaked through riding home, and not even this was able to bring me down... Now I see this golden light, aided by the fact that I am driving East, so the sun is at my back, so its not in my eyes, its still raining quite hard, and the rain drops are glistening gold in the sunlight. Im selling it right... Then, you get this! (crap photo taken on my phone, but its the best I could do at the time, so deal with it)


Seriously, this pic does this thing no justice at all, this was a full spectrum rainbow, with a second full rainbow, though not quite as bright, right above it. This thing was sprawled right across the sky for my whole drive.

My mood went through the roof! I couldnt take my eyes off the thing... I actually almost had more than one car accident on the way as I was staring at the rainbow, staring out the window at the light illuminating even the most meaningless things making them sparkle and shine. Trees looked better, the road was amazing (as you can sort of see in the image), and the shadows cast on the walls were just the icing on the cake for me. Seriously, do I have a problem, or is there at least a few of my fellow photographers out there that are following this and relating to my ramblings?

Anyway, this was a sort of round about way of saying, I love light, and light makes me happy! I think that the light that you get in the Winter here is even more special, maybe because it is rarer as well, I dont know. Maybe cause its just fresh in my mind at the moment.

Anyway, this moment on Thursday night was enough for me to take a note in One Note on my phone (as I often do) to write a blog about it. So, here is that blog (and that word 'so' again, I might need to do something about that).

Light, its something we all need for our art, its impossible to take a photo without it in some way shape or form (unless your aiming to take a black photo of course)... Embrace it... Cherish it... And when you find the best of it, use it. If you cant take out a camera and use it the best way possible, then make sure that you at least allow it to lift you mood, take away your worries, and just smile. Everything is better with a smile!