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Modern Times - UPSP Collaboration


This is the second highlight post for the Collaborations that I manage on Urban Picnic Street Photography. I take a lot of pride in the work that I put into these processes and I like the fact that I can share a little snippet of them here on my own page. The collaboration this month was between Peter Kool and Larry Hallegua. Two great photographers, and also a couple of stand up guys that were a pleasure to work with. I get to make some great contacts through this process, and this one was no different.


Both Peter and Larry created some stand out photographs in the set they sent for final publishing. I thought I would follow the same formula as the TEXT post and just make a few quick comments on one of each of the guys images. Both the guys are Charlie Chaplain fans, so this is where the theme idea came from. It sprouted from a discussion around commercialism in the current times. I thought the ability to link it to something that both artists were passionate about in a round about way was very clever.

The image above is one of Peters shots. Peter has this whimsical style that flows through all of his work. It was impressive to see the same style transfer to such a clearly defined interpretation of the theme. The ability for Peter to find this scene where the old and the new mixed together to form an image where the reader is unsure if the subject is the strange 'modern' human character in the shop, or the poster on the wall of Audrey Hepburn. Not quite the Chaplain era, but close enough. That transition from old to new set in a well framed image is just wonderful, and a great interpretation of the theme.


Larry also submitted some great work, and there was a strong contrast between his work and Peters. I really like the fact that we get such a diverse range of image from the guys in these processes. The header image is also one of Larrys, and was also a great shot.

The simple image of the man in the window of a hair salon removing a poster is really well executed. The reflections on the window and the burst from the sun really work well to bring some light to the image, with the shadow on the mans face managing to add a little intrigue. The posture and pose of the woman on the posted is so removed from the feel of the rest of the image for some reason. She looks just a little too classy and 'modern' for this particular place.

I would like to thank the two guys for working together to get a great outcome. If you would like to see the whole post then click on over to the full post to read the interview between Peter and Larry HERE...