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Faceless Project on Urban Picnic


So I was recently involved in a joint project with Rob Hill who is the Art Director of Urban Picnic Gallery and run the Urban Picnic Street Photography site. I had a great time working on this joint project, and I think that Rob would also say the same. Some of our thoughts on the process we undertook can be seen in the Q&A section of the Faceless series web post. This is a process that we are building on as an ongoing process where I will be acting as Editor for this section of the site. The aim of the group collaboration section of the site is to display the disparate methods, and end results that can be achieved when two photographers from very different cultures, and from different sides of the planet are brought together to work on the same project brief.

There are a number of different things that I feel come into play to generate these different approaches, and I guess some of them are of keen interest to myself given my formal education in Psychology. The simple difference in interpretation of a brief from two different thinking minds is something that I find intriguing. I hope that we have a lot of success with this process, and a large group pool of artists to choose from.

If this is something that you would like to get involved with then please submit a request to the contact form on the Faceless submission.

You can view the full sumbmission with both my work and Robs here.