Tristan Parker Photography

About Me

I am a Melbourne based photographer, who after spending countless hours in the darkroom through High School, and gaining entry to fine arts photography at RMIT in 1997, gave up shooting for a long period of time. I have since returned to the camera and have found that the years of experience I had under my belt have served me well in quickly being able to form a new relationship with the still image.

I found Photography again and in a short period of time I have moved to shooting film again. The process of loading film to a camera, manually advancing after each image, and processing the film at home, is something that I didnt know I missed so much. I feel a whole part of me was missing for a long time, and I am now discovering it again.

I love photography and I hope to never leave her again.

In My Bag

I want to tell you a little about whats in my bag at the moment. Im using a Domke F2.

So, the cameras that I am using at the moment are:

Nikon F2

Nikon FM3A

Nikon L35AF


Nikkor QC 35mm f2

Nikkor SC 55mm f1.2

Nikkor PC 105mm f2.5