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Edinburgh - UPSP Collaboration

Back again with the next collaboration that I have been involved in from Urban Picnic. This time we have two brothers from Scotland by the names of Gareth and Gavin Bragdon. If you would like to see some more of their work, along with some other work from guys in Scotland, then they have set up a collective of guys all based in Scotland called Grey Skies. I would encourage a look... As usual with these things its been great working with the two guys. Here in Australia I think we would refer to the two brothers as Larrikins... I will let you look it up... They like to use a wee bit of language, and I think should I meet them in a pub for a pint we would have a great night out.

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Composition vs Content

I have been thinking a lot lately about compositional challenges for myself as an artist. This has been in a large part driven by the fascination that I have with some of the work by Sigfried Hansen. Its also something that I have been developing in some conversations that I have been having with a friend that I recently met in Melbourne who is also a photographer. Its amazing what you are able to learn just through the process of sitting with a like minded person and having a conversation about things like this. I guess the first point for me in entering into this discussion is to outline what composition is, and how for me its very separate from content in many ways. In simple terms the word composition means 'putting together'. In this simple description there is a rabbit hole of information that can be unearthed, The thing with composition and any visual art form is that there is not only the 'putting together' of elements within the image. It snot just about these magical things that occur within a frame to make an image.

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Modern Times - UPSP Collaboration

This is the second highlight post for the Collaborations that I manage on Urban Picnic Street Photography. I take a lot of pride in the work that I put into these processes and I like the fact that I can share a little snippet of them here on my own page. The collaboration this month was between Peter Kool and Larry Hallegua. Two great photographers, and also a couple of stand up guys that were a pleasure to work with. I get to make some great contacts through this process, and this one was no different.

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The search for a bag

Its been a while since I posted something. I dont know why thats the case... Maybe I just havent felt the need to share for a while. This is likely the case on a few fronts. The second being images. The interwebs are a weird and wonderful place at times. Sometimes giving and wonderful, and other times overbearing and weird. There is just too much information out there at times, and it all gets a little too overwhelming when you are trying to find inspiration, or in the case of what prompted this post, simply trying to buy a bag..

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On being a photographer

I read something that resonated with me recently and I wanted to both share it with anyone that would like to read it, as well as discuss my thoughts on why these couple of paragraphs weighed on my mind for a while. I think that this process of writing some text might help me take the words apart and analyse them for myself, so here we go. This is the short statement that I found on a site that I have been spending a lot of time on recently. I have stated already that an addiction to Japanese photo books is on the way, the site sells a lot of great titles. But this statement was on their main section: "To me, the recent use of the term street photographer is similar to calling oneself artist or art photographer with an intention to add artificial value. I don’t think any respectable practitioner worth their salt would proclaim themselves with this title in this day and age. Nonetheless it appears that it is often banded around, especially on the social interwebs, with an intention to gain credibility or cool the same way teenagers would display branded clothes or gear to gain attention from peers or lowly outsiders.

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My plans for 2014

I have already posted about the fact that I am going to spend 2014 with one lens and one camera, but I thought that I would also make some public outlandish statements that I will hopefully hold myself to for the upcoming 12 months. Some of these will be photography related, others will not. Dont expect this to be a massively read blog post. Its more one of those things that I am putting out there for myself more than anything. So here we go....

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