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Setting up a Home Darkroom (part 1)

I think that its quite evident if you have read through the progressive writings on this evolving blog that I am well towards transitioning back to film as my preferred medium. I started with an OMD, went through the usual find the right focal length type deal. Got a Nikon FA, tried a few point and shoot classic film cameras. Got a little rangefinder Leitz CL. Broke the FA, replaced it with an F100. And finally added a Leica M6 to the mix. I think its been about 2 months since I took the OMD out of the house and used it. Shame really as its a great camera. I dont think that I will ever sell it, as there is a time and a place for digital still and I think that I would end up getting something different anyway... Maybe a point and shoot digital is a better option... Anyway, I digress.

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